Get A Warranty Or An OBD-II When Used Car Shopping

The biggest worry of every used car buyer is that they are going to end up with a lemon. Follow these steps as you check out the used car before you purchase.


Find out if the car you are purchasing has a warranty on it, and what exactly that warranty covers. If the car is not too old, then you may still have some time, or mileage, on the factory warranty. Just make sure that the warranty is transferable.

Many car dealerships will offer their own warranties on used cars. These are usually a good deal because the dealership is committing to pay for any problems that may arise. However, make sure that you know exactly what you are getting in a dealership warranty. Some may be active for 30 days after purchase, while others may be good for a year.

Even if you have a warranty, you may still have to pay some money to fix the car if something goes wrong. The warranty may only cover half the cost of parts and labor, and only if you get the problem fixed at authorized locations.


You may want to use your own OBD-II scanner to check out a vehicle you are considering purchasing. This is very important if you are purchasing a used car from a private seller.

All cars built after 1996 have a computer that can be read by an OBD-II scanner. Scanners range in price from $20.00 and up. Once you plug the scanner in to the car and follow the on-screen directions you can see if there are any current problem codes in the car. You will need to use the Internet, or have a list somewhere showing what each of the codes mean.

After you check to see if there are any current problem codes you will need to check the "Drive Cycle Monitor" section of the OBD-II. There should be some information in this section. If there is not, then that means that the computer was recently reset. Drive the car at least 10 miles and then check the "Drive Cycle Monitor" again to see if it shows any problems in the car.

You can be more confident in buying a quality used car if you know that there is still a warranty on it, or if you have checked the computer for any problems. For more information, contact J & J Auto Sales or a similar company.