5 Reasons To Go With Used Cars

There are so many advantages to buying a used car over a new one that you should learn about them when you are thinking about buying a car. Here are 5 good things you want to know about buying a used car:  1: Save loads of cash on the purchase of a car Someone who isn't familiar with buying cars may not know that there is a big difference in the price of a car when it's a brand-new car on the lot and once it has been purchased and driven off the lot. Read More 

How To Sell Your Car For Scrap

If you have an old car you think you'd have trouble even giving it away, it may be worth a lot more than you think. While most people want to avoid cars that have mechanical problems, junk car buyers can make use of your car even if it's impossible to get your car running again. Is Someone Offering You Cash for a Junk Car to Good to Be True? If you haven't been able to get anyone to buy your car because it won't turn on or has serious mechanical problems, you might think that someone offering you cash for it is too good to be true. Read More