3 Ways Motorcycles Are Superior to Cars

Owning a motorcycle is a great joy and thrill for millions of people all over the world. While cars are okay, there are at least three significant reasons that cars just can't hold a candle to motorcycles. 

1. Motocycles Are More Space-Friendly Than Cars

This goes for parking on a street to parking in a garage. You can spend 10 minutes trying to parallel park a sedan in a space on the side of the street, or just slide right in--with room to spare--with a motorcycle. In some places there are even special parking areas available for motorcycles that aren't available for cars. 

In your own garage at home, you can fit multiple bikes in the space that one car might take up. If you only have one bike, that means this extra space can be used for tools, parts, and other storage for items you might not want to clutter your home with. 

In more public spaces, such as parks, you can get away with parking your bike a few feet away from where you're going to picnic with your sweetheart or watch your children play, as opposed to having to park your car out of eyesight of your and whomever you're with. This level of spatial flexibility means you spend less time looking for parking and more time doing the things you like best with the people you love most. 

2. Motorcycles Are More Fuel Efficient Than Cars

With the way the price of gas fluctuates, it's always nice to know you can get a bike with upwards of 103 miles per gallon, as opposed to a measly 53 miles per gallon on the most fuel efficient car available for a comparable price. Most motorcycles have relatively large engines, but they have just the bare basics beyond that. So, instead of that engine carrying around you, your four doors, your four tires, your hood, your trunk, and whatever junk you've accumulated inside of your car, the engine only has to worry about transporting a body, a seat, a console, and a kickstand. 

3. Motorcycles Are Less Costly Than Cars

Besides generally having drastically higher fuel efficiency than cars and therefore saving on your gas bill, the average motorcycle cost a lot less than the average car. On average, a motorcycle will cost around $15,000 while a car will cost around $32,000--over twice as much as a motorcycle. This means that, with the money that you would have spend on a car, you could have bought two different motorcycles or even paid a few extra thousand dollars for some extra gadgets, a custom paint job, or other accessories and still had money left over. 

There's nothing wrong with cars, but when it comes to living a low-cost, fuel-efficient, clutter-free lifestyle, motorcycles (such as Harley-Davidson) are hands down the best option.