Are the Tires On Your Subaru Ready For Winter?

In the winter, the all wheel drive (AWD) that comes standard on Subaru vehicles is no doubt an asset if you're driving in heavy snow, on ice and in rugged rural areas. However, AWD is less effective and less helpful on vehicles that don't have proper tires. Tires with poor grip or bad balance are likely to slide and skid their way over icy roads. These tips will help you ensure that your car's tires are ready for the coming winter.

Tires Need to Match

Ideally, your tires should be the same age and have the same amount of wear. If you recently replaced just one tire on your car, but not all four tires, your tires won't match. Non-matching tires will grip the road in different ways, and that can make it difficult to turn your vehicle in bad conditions. In addition, if you have to brake suddenly and your tires don't match, your car could pull to one side or another. To prevent this from happening, put a matching set of tires on your car.

Alignment Should be Checked

Before the winter gets started, have the alignment of your tires checked. If your alignment is very bad, you'll be able to tell by the way your car pulls to one side or the other while driving. You may also notice that the wear pattern on your tires is uneven. Even if your car isn't showing signs that the alignment is bad, you should have the alignment checked. Poor alignment can make it more difficult to drive straight on slick roads.

Examine Tires for Signs of Age

Check your tires for signs that the tread is too low for winter travel. You can do this with a penny inserted into the tread. Point Lincoln's head into the tire. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, then you'll know that the tire is too worn and should be replaced. While you're at it, examine the tires for cracks in the rubber, another sign that your tires need to be replaced.

If your alignment is off, your tires are mismatched or your tires are just old and in need of replacement, bring your car in to a Subaru repair specialist, such as Roos Only, before the winter weather becomes severe. If you do need to buy new tires, consider getting a pair of snow tires to use now and plan to buy warm-weather tires when the temperatures heat up. Snow tires are the perfect accompaniment to your car's AWD and will help ensure that your car performs its best this winter.