Three Reasons Why Big Car Dealerships Specialize In Certain Vehicles And Why It Matters

If you have ever visited car dealerships to buy your next vehicle, you may have noticed that certain ones like to focus on the sale of specific vehicles. For example, you may have a Toyota dealer in the area where you live, or you may have a dealership that focuses only on BMWs or Lexus models. There are actually some valid reasons for dealerships to conduct their businesses with a focus on a particular manufacturer, and there are also reasons why it should matter to you.

The Dealership Owners Chose Their Brand to Make Money/Avoid Some Advertising Expenses

One very big reason for choosing a particular brand of cars is that the dealership owner really wants to reduce advertising costs while promoting excellent deals on cars. By focusing on a specific brand of vehicles, the dealership not only makes money, but quite often the manufacturer may provide advertising and promotions for which the dealership's owner pays a very small amount or nothing at all. That is advantageous for buyers because the dealers are more willing to haggle price and reduce the cost of the vehicle since their advertising may not have cost them much (if anything).

The Dealership Owners Are Experts Regarding a Specific Make of Cars

Guys and gals who have studied certain makes and models of cars their entire lives may go above and beyond to promote that company's vehicles. Someone who is thoroughly into Italian cars may focus on selling Italian cars only (e.g., Fiat, Lambourghini, etc.). Their expertise in the business is passed on to those who buy cars from the dealership in the form of expert repairs, insider information on the next and future models that will be available, and a sense of camaraderie over an obsession for the vehicles sold by the dealership.

The Dealership Owners Like the Return Value and Resale Value on the Vehicles

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, "He drove the car off the lot and the value of the car dropped a couple of thousand." While this is certainly true of some cars, it is not true of all cars. In fact, a dealership may choose to focus on the sale of vehicles that retain most of their resale value. In essence, several years could go by, but these vehicles can still be traded in or sold back to a dealership for a good chunk of change. Toyota is one such manufacturer that often creates and sells vehicles that retain a high trade-in and resale value, which is why a dealership might decide to focus on selling such cars. Both you and the car dealership come out ahead on these particular makes of vehicles.