6 Steps To Starting Your Shuttle Bus Transportation Company For Cheap

The really great thing about a transportation based business is that you can literally take your company with you anywhere. When you're ready to start transporting people to work, school, hotels, doctor's appointments, and even concerts and events, you have to have a streamlined way of doing business so that there are no untimely delays. Use this six steps to head up a successful shuttle bus–based transportation company and watch as demand for your services rises.

1. Business Licensing, Insurance, and Certifications - Whether you start with your own car or have enough to buy your first used buses for sale in cash, you can't operate as a commercial transportation company until you have a business license, a federal ID number, insurance, and the proper certifications. Besides the salary you pay your drivers and the buses you add to your fleet, starting your transportation business officially is going to be your largest expense, but you will soon be able to make everything you have spent right back.

2. Hire Competent Drivers - If you are going to advertise yourself as a dependable transportation company, you have to have enough responsible drivers to navigate your buses as well as a few more on call in case someone gets sick or doesn't show up for a shift. While you may want to do as much of the driving yourself as possible, you also have to be around to do many of the administrative tasks and be available for customers to contact, too.

3. Bidding For Lucrative Contracts - Having contracts with venues, medical complexes, and even state agencies is where you are going to be able to make a considerable sum of money. The profits that you get from providing transportation to these companies will allow you to more easily purchase used buses for sale, increase your staff, and make your operations bigger and more expansive.

4. Building A Fleet Of Shuttle Buses - With more shuttle buses, you can offer around-the-clock services. Instead of requiring passengers to call ahead to schedule pickups, with a bigger fleet, you might be able to offer service during set hours. If you keep the used buses you buy in good shape, there's no limit to how many vehicles you can have in service at any given time.

5. Dispatching And Scheduling - As a shuttle bus transportation company owner, you want to answer each and every call you have from interested patrons. Being able to keep your shuttle buses arriving and departing on schedule will help you to earn a stellar reputation. 

6. Honoring Special Requests And Considerations - Making your buses wheelchair accessible and helping riders with disabilities, impairments or special requests will also aid you in getting more business via word of mouth. Many used buses for sale have wheel chair ramp and lifting capabilities, so make sure that you exercise this option when adding to your existing fleet.

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