Want Flashy Looks Without Aftermarket Parts? Buy A Car With Certain Factory Upgrades

When you bought your first car, you may have been more than content with a vehicle that could go from one destination to another without a problem. But, after getting into a more comfortable financial situation, you may be ready to own a vehicle that not only runs well, but looks great.

It is possible to buy a standard pre owned car and invest in aftermarket parts to enhance the appearance, but this can make it more difficult to sell in the future. Dealerships may not want these parts when selling the car and a third-party buyer may only be interested in factory features. So, you should look to buy a vehicle from a dealership with factory upgrades that enhance the visuals.

Window Tint

While window tinting has become widely accepted and used, you may not want to do your own tinting. It is possible to find various makes and models with factory window tinting. This will make you feel confident because you know it will meet the legal requirements for the state. Also, you will know exactly how tinted windows look on the car before you commit to the purchase.

Tinted windows add to the sleekness of a vehicle and reduce vision of the inside. This will improve looks by concealing things such as car seats and outfits you may be hanging up in the back.


Another feature that you can find is premium wheels from the factory. These wheels will stand out more than the standard wheels, which is exactly what you want to achieve flashiness. If you do not have any major preferences for makes or models, you can always use the look and material of the wheels as a measure to determine which cars you are most interested in purchasing.


It is important not to pass up the opportunity to get a spoiler for a showy car. You will find all sorts of spoiler sizes and styles when looking at the entire inventory of a dealership. These spoilers are mostly found on sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, and SUVs on occasion. It is a great feature because it adds to the look of any car but does not make it harder to maintain.

Buying a car from a maker of luxury vehicles is an option, but this can get quite expensive. An excellent solution to getting a flashy car is buying a non-luxury car with several glitzy features.