UTVs Offer More Than Just Fun

UTVs (utility task vehicles) are different in a lot of ways from ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), but they share some similarities at their roots. The UTV was developed as a more convenient version of an ATV with a dedicated purpose. In most cases, that purpose is work of some type, but there are many ways UTVs are used, and while they can be fun to drive, they are more than just a toy. They offer real benefits when working in places where durability is a must.

On the Farm

One place where UTVs have started to become more common is on farms and ranches. They offer the farmer a way to get around the property easily and carry some tools and supplies with them, and they can traverse rough or wet tracks of land without too much difficulty. Most UTVs are set up with two seats and some form of utility bed or cargo area, so you can take a passenger or helper along with you and reach areas that are too far away to walk to but may not be easily accessible in a truck. 

On the Jobsite

UTVs have become popular with contractors working on large job sites because it allows the foreman to make the rounds of the site and take some materials or tools to areas where they need to be. If the site is spread out over a large area, the UTV can be a great tool for getting around. It is quicker and more maneuverable than a truck, and the small size means it can fit in places that a large vehicle just can't go. 

If the job site is wet or muddy, the UTV stands a far less chance of getting stuck than a large truck, and with accessories like a winch that can be added to the UTV, it can pull itself out of the mud or move large objects on the site that need a little encouragement.

Outdoor Sports

UTVs are not all about work. They have made their mark in the sporting world as well. Hunters and fisherman love the versatility of the UTV because it allows them to reach distant backcountry locations, like a mountain stream, a secluded hunting spot, or a cabin deep in the woods. The UTV allows them to carry gear and supplies in with them and then carry out everything they need to at the end of the trip.

For a hunter who has bagged a big buck, a UTV is a great way to haul the deer back to the road where their truck is, and if it is a long distance, it saves the hunter time having to drag or carry it the whole way.

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