Tech Trends In New Cars That Improve The Driving Experience

The advancement of car technology is improving the driving experience day by day. The following are some of the latest technologies that most drivers will love. Look out for them in your next car purchase.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Standard cruise control helps you to maintain a specific speed until you manually intervene. This is all good, but in normal driving, you need to change the speed every now and again. For example, the car in front can slow down, pick up speed, or even stop without warning.

Adaptive cruise control uses sensors (such as radar or camera) to allow you to cruise while taking the car in front into consideration. For example, your car will slow down if the car in front slows down and pick up speed if the car in front accelerates.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Even if you are the best driver you know, you can still get into an accident due to the negligent driving of other people plus unforeseen road obstructions. For example, if you are cruising at high speed and the car on the next lane swerves into your lane without warning, you might crash into the back of the car. However, this won't be the case with automatic emergency braking. The system uses sensors to detect if a crash is imminent and then engages the brakes automatically. This can reduce the severity of the eventual crash or even help to avoid it completely.

Lane Maintenance Assist

Drifting out of your lane can be very dangerous because you can drift off road or hit a car in the next lane. You can easily drift out of your lane if you don't have driving experience or if you are tired after driving for a long distance. However, lane maintenance assist can help you stay in your lane. The system can warn you when you are about to drift out of the lane. It can even use automatic brakes and steering controls to help you stay on your lane. You can manually override the system if you do want to change lanes.

Driving Modes

Driving mode technology allows you to change your driving behavior at the touch of a button. You can increase the engine power, make the suspension more comfortable, improve fuel efficiency, or even switch between hybrid and electric power alone. This means you can rush to work (while burning more fuel for the increased engine power) on the weekday mornings and drive in comfort with reduced fuel consumption on the weekends while using the same car.

Contact an auto dealership to learn more about the safety options available.