Should Your Next Car Be A Hatchback Or Sedan?

A common debate among car buyers is whether to get a sedan or a hatchback. Both car shapes have their pros and cons, with each being more suitable for certain motorists than others. Below are some of the factors you should consider to help you determine whether a sedan or hatchback would be more suitable to your lifestyle.


The designs of most hatchbacks mean they are inherently more spacious than sedans. This is typically true whether you are considering cargo space, legroom, or headroom. Therefore, all things considered, a hatchback might be better for you if you have a large family or you frequently travel with a sizable load. However, the exact size of all types of cars varies by make and model, so you should do your research if space is a major factor for your next car purchase.

Rear Visibility

The visibility of the rear window is one area in which most hatchbacks beat most sedans. In hatchbacks, the rear window is usually more upright and larger than rear windows in most sedans. This may be a big deal for you if you are an inexperienced driver. However, many new car models have cameras that provide good views of the rear of the car. Some people, however, prefer natural views to camera views.

Folding Seats

Many hatchbacks come with rear seats that fold up to provide more cargo space. This can be a huge deal if you don't normally carry many people but travel with sizable luggage. You can have the rear seats almost permanently up so that you can have more space for your luggage.

Fuel Efficiency

Numerous factors, from the weight to engineering to shape, determine the fuel efficiency of a car. However, aerodynamics plays a huge role also, and the sedan wins in this area. A sedan is more streamlined, reducing its wind resistance, which may give it a small advantage over a comparable hatchback. Again, however, car manufacturers can tweak their designs to give even hatchbacks considerable fuel efficiency. The sedan being more fuel-efficient is a generality — there are many exceptions. 


In many cases, car manufacturers produce more variants of sedans than hatchbacks. Most Americans have traditionally favored sedans over hatchbacks. Thus, if you are looking for a popular car (maybe due to resale prospects or availability of parts), strongly consider the sedan over the hatchback. This is especially true of the used car segment.

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