How to Turn a Junk Car Into a New Car

When you have a junk car, see it as a potential to have a new car, but not in the way you think. There are auto dealers who pay cash for junk cars or have incentive programs to get people in their lots, and your junky car can be your ticket in.

Do you want a new car but aren't sure how you can get one? See how your junk car can help you get behind the wheel of a newer one.

1. You can sell your junk car for cash 

Perhaps the best way you can get your junk car to turn into an opportunity for a new car is this: selling the junk car for cash. You can do this at a junkyard, but you aren't likely to get much for the wreckage because junkyards aren't in the business of selling anything, they're in the business of buying. A car dealership, on the other hand, has an incentive to sell their customers' cars, and if it means buying a junk car for more than it's worth putting cash confidence in their buyers' hands, they'll do it.

It's a win-win; you get to get rid of a junk car you no longer want and have some money in your pocket, and the car dealership that pays cash for junk cars gets to be first on your list when you decide to use some of that cash to buy a new vehicle.

2. You can trade your car for another

If you want to get rid of your junk car to get another on the same day, then use your junk car as a trade-in. The cash you'd get for your junk car is then immediately placed towards the purchase price of another car in one smooth transaction. You'll see the money paid to you for your junk car applied as a discount on your new car purchase.

Don't just part out your old junk car or sell it to the first person looking for scrap, take it to an auto dealership that pays cash for junk cars instead. You can get a great price on a new vehicle and turn your junky car into a new one, with ease. What you get for your junk car depends on whether you are using the cash for its trade-in value or you're receiving cash for your junk car, and special dealership restrictions may apply. Ask an auto dealer to learn more about their cash for junk cars policies.