Compare Features And Prices When Looking At Camper Vans For Sale

A camper van could be the ideal solution when you want a camper for the weekends but you need a daily driver too. A camper van is also a good choice if you want to live on the road since it's easy to drive and you'll have all the necessities for sleeping and eating. You can have your own van converted, or you can buy a new or used camper van that's already built. Here are some features you may like when you look at camper vans for sale.

A Pop-Up Top

A van with a pop-up top provides extra sleeping space. This is useful if you're camping with kids since everyone has more room for sleeping. When you're using the van for daily driving, the top closes so it isn't noticeable.

The only time you raise the top is when the van is parked and you need extra space. Even if you travel alone, you may prefer this option since you can sleep in the pop-up and you can leave the dining area set up rather than having to convert it to a bed every night.

Solar Panels

Solar panels screw to the roof of your van and are out of sight. They can provide power for your essentials when you're living off the grid. You may still prefer electrical hook-ups when you're camping at a campground, but solar panels can come in handy when you want to stay in remote areas or stealth camp.

Refrigerator And Stove

Some vans come with a refrigerator and butane stove. Even if you plan to cook outdoors on a grill or open fire, having a refrigerator is handy so you don't have to keep meat and other perishables packed in a cooler all the time. These appliances can be built into drawers that pull out so they fit under a countertop and take up minimal space.

Some high-end camper vans have tiny kitchens with a sink and stove on a countertop. This allows the most convenience for making your meals, and it can make your camper van seem more like a home, which is nice if you plan to live in the van for an extended time.

Window Screens

Since you'll need to leave your windows down and doors open to allow a cool breeze in the van, window screens are an important accessory. These keep out bugs and animals so you can enjoy a cool breeze in the evening without being bothered by bugs.

Toilet And Shower

When you look at camper vans, you'll find many different configurations for a toilet and shower. Some toilets pull out of a drawer under the bed. Some vans have a private space for a toilet in a shower stall. Others have a drain in the floor so you can shower in the middle of the van.

Compare your options and decide how much space you want to devote to a shower. Some vans have showers on the outside, so you could shower outdoors if you don't want an indoor shower.

One thing you'll notice when you look at camper vans for sale is the sale prices vary a lot. If you just want the basics, you can buy an affordable van and hit the road. If you want a luxury experience, then you can spend much more and camp in the utmost comfort.