Keys To Working With A Dealership Service Department

After buying a car, you might need to take it to the dealership service department to be repaired and maintained. You might save money this way or you might just have a rare car that can only be repaired at these establishments. If you remember these protocols, working with this service department won't be difficult or time-consuming.

Have Warranty Documentation Ready to Go

It's always a good idea to get warranties on vehicles you buy from a dealership, whether it's a car or truck. It saves you a lot of repair costs in the future. If you have a warranty on the car you're taking into a dealership service department, it helps to have warranty documentation ready to go.

It can help facilitate the repair process, especially the stage where you pay. Even if you think the dealership has this warranty information in their system, it doesn't hurt to gather your own records just in case they don't.

Stick to Their Service Intervals 

When you first take your car to a dealership service department, they will perform a lot of important maintenance services. They'll also give you a service schedule to follow as far as oil changes and filter replacements.

If you want your car to give you little to no trouble in the future, you want to stick to these suggested service intervals. Your vehicle type and how it's used will come into the equation as far as service frequency, whether it's every couple of weeks or months. 

Respond to Auto Recalls Quickly

Whether you purchased a new or used car from a dealership, there might be recalls that happen in the future. You want to respond to them quickly so that you aren't put in danger or put others in precarious situations when driving. The best way to handle auto recalls is to work with a dealership service department.

It might not be the dealership that you bought the car from directly, but you shouldn't have trouble finding a compatible repair shop. You just need to account for the type of car you bought and its make. Then you can quickly find out where the appropriate dealership service department is in your area.

There might be some repair or maintenance situations that make it necessary to work with a dealership service center. If you find out which one to work with and follow simple protocols, these automotive experiences will remain positive. 

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