4 Common Reasons A Car Will Not Start

When you try to leave for work in the morning and discover that your car will not start, you might feel irritated and frustrated. What causes this to happen? When a car will not start, it could be one of many reasons. Here are four common reasons that prevent a car from starting.

1. Battery Problems

One of the most common causes of a car not starting is battery issues. A car battery does not last forever. Over time, a battery wears out. If your battery wears out, your car will not start, as your car needs the battery to start. A dead battery is a fairly common reason for a car not starting, and it is usually the first thing that people check when they have this problem. Your battery might have other issues, though, besides being dead. For example, bad connections on the battery can occur from corrosion, which will also cause problems when you try to start your vehicle.

2. Bad Alternator

The second thing to check is your alternator. When an alternator goes bad, it can resemble having a dead battery. The alternator provides power to the battery, but alternators also wear out. If your battery is fine, the problem might be with your alternator.

3. Bad Ignition Switch

Your car has an ignition switch that starts the car. Over time, this switch can also wear out. It can also become loose or faulty in other ways. If this occurs, your car will not start. If you wiggle the key enough, you might get it to start, but you should have an auto repair shop replace the switch if it is bad.

4. Bad Distributor Cap

The fourth common reason that prevents a car from starting is problems with the distributor cap. The distributor cap serves a vital role in your car's operations. Unfortunately, moisture can get inside the cap. The cap can also crack or break. If this is the problem, you will need to hire an auto repair shop to replace the cap for you. Once they do this, your car should have no trouble starting.

If your car will not start, you might need to hire a tow truck to pull it to an auto repair shop. The auto repair shop can diagnose the problem with your vehicle and fix it. You can learn more by speaking with an auto mechanic in your city.