How To Sell Your Car For Scrap

If you have an old car you think you'd have trouble even giving it away, it may be worth a lot more than you think. While most people want to avoid cars that have mechanical problems, junk car buyers can make use of your car even if it's impossible to get your car running again.

Is Someone Offering You Cash for a Junk Car to Good to Be True?

If you haven't been able to get anyone to buy your car because it won't turn on or has serious mechanical problems, you might think that someone offering you cash for it is too good to be true. The truth is that you were just trying to sell it to the wrong people. If someone needs a car that drives, of course, they won't buy one that won't.

Junk car buyers see value in all of the individual pieces of your car. Sometimes, they can take parts from your car and use them to fix other cars that need a part that isn't made anymore. Other times, they might be able to break your car down and sell things like the metal inside for scrap.

Can You Sell Your Car if It Doesn't Drive?

Your car doesn't need to be able to drive to sell it for scrap. You can arrange to have the junk car buyer come to you. Many times, you can even get an online quote for what your car is worth.

The junk car buyer will use a tow truck or flatbed to remove your car the same as if you had been in an accident that totaled your car.

Can You Sell a Car With Missing Parts?

If your car is missing parts because you took them off or they were damaged, it's still possible to sell your car. The only thing to know is that it might reduce the value of your car.

How much less you'll get for your car depends on what that individual part is worth. Some parts have no value even to a junk car buyer, and they remove them and throw them away. Other parts can be used for high-value repairs or have good scrap materials value, so you'll get a lower offer if that part is missing. But the good news is is that someone will still buy your car as long as it still has parts that can make them money.

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